Flair Buttons

How do I adhere my flairs?

Your flair will arrive to you without adhesive. This allows you to adhere them to your project with your favourite adhesive(regular double sided tape, liquid glue or foam dots)

What do you use to adhere your flairs?

We personally love blingology foam dots. They are the perfect thickness to fit behind your flair perfectly without adding unnecessary bulk. We have also had success in adhering flairs to the outside pockets when working on Project Life pages. This is subject to environment and materials, therefore we do not take any responsibility if the dots do not adhere to all surfaces.

We have also used glue dots and liquid glue with great success to adhere flair to card and paper.

Why are some flair different prices?

We like to keep our flair collections fresh, therefore from time to time you will discover some of the flair at reduced prices to make way for new collections to be released.

My flair are a little different than what I saw online, why?

Due to the variance in monitor settings, the colours that you see on your screen would be subject to the settings on your monitor. Hopefully there was no disappointment with your order.

Do you do custom orders?

Usually no, however if you are looking for something specific and we do not have anything suitable. Please feel free to contact us. If time permits, we may be able to help you.

Do you sell your flair to stores?

If you are a retail store and old like to stock our products, please contact us to discuss your needs further.


What other products do you offer?

We also sell sequins both loose and by the strand. We have many other products in the planning stages. Announcements will be made on our blog and Facebook page as new products are released.